Two-Part Inventions BWV 772-786


by Johann Sebastian Bach (author)
Publisher: Muzibook Publishing
Collection: Piano
august 2018


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Two-Part Inventions BWV 772-786 by Johann Sebastian Bach. Piano. Intermediate. MCL346

"A true method by which keyboard enthusiasts, and especially those eager to study, are presented with a clear way to learn not only how to properly play two parts ... and also not only to get good ideas, but still to perform them well, and above all, to achieve a singing game, and in addition, to acquire a solid foretaste of the composition. "Such is the introduction made by Bach himself to his collection of Inventions and Sinfonies. These short keyboard compositions were originally written as exercises for the musical education of his students. As a preamble to sinfonies (inventions with three parts), the practice of two-part inventions, more accessible to novice pianists, constitutes an excellent training in the art of counterpoint.


Invention 1 in C Major BWV 772

Invention 2 in C Minor BWV 773

Invention 3 in D Major BWV 774

Invention 4 in D Minor BWV 775

Invention 5 in E-flat Major BWV 776

Invention 6 in E Major BWV 777

Invention 7 in E Minor BWV 778

Invention 8 in F Major BWV 779

Invention 9 in F Minor BWV 780

Invention 10 in G Major BWV 781

Invention 11 in G Minor BWV 782

Invention 12 in A Major BWV 783

Invention 13 in A Minor BWV 784

Invention 14 in B-flat Major BWV 785

Invention 15 in B Minor BWV 786

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Publisher: Muzibook Publishing

Composer(s): Johann Sebastian Bach

Collection: Piano

Published: 8 august 2018

Media: eBook [PDF]

EAN13 eBook [PDF]: 9786000015909

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