Adieu, notre petite table

Voice and Piano

by Jules Massenet (author)
Publisher: Muzibook Publishing
Collection: Opera
august 2018


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Aria from the opera ''Werther'' by Jules Massenet. Voice and Piano. Soprano. French. Intermediate-Advanced. MCL998

Summary: Charlotte re-reads Werther's letters and realizes how much she loves him. Suddenly interrupted by her younger sister Sophie, she hides them hurriedly on her. The latter tries in vain to console Charlotte confessing that she too is sad since Werther left. At the mention of her name, Charlotte can not suppress the tears she has held for so long.

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Publisher: Muzibook Publishing

Composer(s): Jules Massenet

Collection: Opera

Published: 25 august 2018

Media: eBook [PDF]

EAN13 eBook [PDF]: 3700681106912


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